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Wednesday Photo Nights

Wednesday Photo Nights #14 : The walled city of Khiva

Walking through Khiva feels a bit contrived and artificial. The place looks like they lifted it from a movie set – it’s UNESCO money done right. The city looks fantastic, and when you compare it to the squalor that surrounds the town – it makes the comparison even starker. When you get in at night and I do recommend that …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #13 : Dreaming of Samarkand

Walking through Samarkand is like opening a copy of Arabian Nights. On a sunny day, it’s virtually impossible to take a bad picture here – the combination of the scenes, colour, framing and lighting make it one of the most photogenic of all destinations I’ve ever been to.    

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Wednesday Photo Nights #12 : Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

One of the best travelling presents you can ever get on the road, is stumbling into a festival or event, that you had no idea of. For the the past 7 days in Antigua, the primary objective of my life (and the woman’s) was going through tons of tastings, venues and details with a wedding planner. Fortunately, in booking this …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #7 : Trinidad at FIFA World Cup 2006

As a Trini growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s … I have two moments of disappointment. The first was the series loss of the West Indies to Australia in ’95. The second traumatic incident was Trinidad’s loss to the Americans on November 19th, 1989 in Port of Spain. This match is actually in the FIFA list of all …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #6 : Rishiray.com on the Wayback Machine …

There is nothing that makes you feel old, like watching snapshots of your website from the last 10 years. For any site developer, blogger or just random bored web junkie, the Wayback Machine, is an awesome repository to track your own web journey. Here is the first version of my site on a Geocities page …with transcribed lecture notes from …

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