Caye Caulker Part 2 – Before flipping a golf cart and more!!

It’s about 9.45am here at the Water Taxi terminal.. just getting ready to head back to Caye Caulker, thought the water taxi was at 10am, but of course, it is going instead at 10.30, so I have about 45 mins to blog and type so far.

Belize City is by far one of the dirtiest cities I have seen on my travels anywhere. The infrastructure is poor, there is a run down element to the whole city which is typified by the complete desolation at night. Once the clock turns to about 8pm or so, the roads are quiet, the people are gone and nothing really stirs at night. It is kinda like downtown POS at night, now of course the last time I was actually downtown POS was maybe 15 years ago, I can’t really give a realistic description of POS at night right now. But I am sure it is similar to Belize City. The Cayes are completely different.

The people are like from Trinidad, not just like from Trinidad, but actually like from Edinburgh Village growing up, where everyone knew everyone, people would lime and chill and not really have to worry about things like murders and crimes in general. The food is phenomenal, hell yesterday I met the guys from Monday night again, got the best haircut I have had in the last 2 years for 10 BZD, the barber took me to his favorite place to eat, since he just basically closed the shop to take me around. Name of the place : Mom’s Kitchen and I swear it was the closest things to my own mom’s kitchen anywhere in the world I’ve gone….I had this spanish dish with chicken, tons of gravy, rice, and a good good “mother-in-law”……I was in my glee. When I finished the rice on my plate, I wanted some more, so the barber signals “mom” and she brings the rice pot which had a bit more rice and basically scraped the pot for me. I tell you, it was just the best…. and at that moment right there, I felt like I was kinda home and pissed that I had to come back to stink ole Belize city for the night.

Too bad Dave and Angelica left earlier on yesterday, it was nice of them to show me such a great time and Dave is the consummate gringo… stories and jokes to kill, a senorita on his right hand and a drink in the other… my kinda guy, no wonder we hit it off so well…..I guess I have to go Wisconsin for a drink and maybe some bear hunting!!!

Definitely though Caye Caulker has been a highlight of this trip, I’ll rank it right there with all the temples I came to see… well the people of Caye Caulker. The english they speak is so similar to Trini english to except for the spanish that is obviously infused with the proximity to the rest of Spanish speaking Central America. The food in Central America though, funny enough is rather devoid of the spice and pepper Trinis seem to cook lots with. However, the Salsa picante and the raw salsas definitely add the flavour that one would need. The meats also are not seasoned as well as we do in Trinidad, so I have to try and figure out how come we season our meats so much in Trinidad for cooking. Good research question for someone in ethno-gastronomy.

There is also a huge population of Chinese people here, like HUGE!!! So there is a very selection of good chinese food, with all the spice and pepper one expects of chinese-caribbean food. The chinese do spread wide and far, but like anything else, something don’t change and the Chinese I have met here who speak ridiculously poor english is just like anywhere else…. but after a couple generation, they will fix that for sure. It is just all the mainland Chinese people who don’t want to learn english…. sorry rant on one of my pet peeves.

Tomorrow, I take the noon boat from Caye Caulker and start my journey towards Cancun, I should be touring Chichen Itza on the 25th all day, staying in a nice Sheraton ending my Central American journey, the way I started it, in a Sheraton relaxing and not worrying about nothing. But on this trip so far, I have met some great people, had one good night of drinking (!), seen some amazing temples, found a place here in Caye Caulker that I would come back to again and again and bring back people to….and then top it off with time in Trinidad. 😉 How excellent are things!!!!!!

One thing… Toronto made the sign…but what about Port-of-Spain eh??

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