Chez Camille Take Out in Cap Pele, New Brunswick.

One of the major reasons I’ve been excited about being in Atlantic Canada, is to replicate my epic seafood binges of past years. For all the food that we’ve been exploring in Moncton, we decided to drive 30 mins out of town for some epic seafood. My client colleagues recommended that we head to Seafood Paradise in Cap Pele. We ended up getting lost … but the beauty of getting lost around these parts, is that you get to see some beautiful Atlantic Canada countryside. In the end, we did find the place …

Once we walked in, I could see the giant heaps of fried deliciousness and everyone had these huge plate on their tables. I’ll tell you … in the Maritimes, no one is worried about cholesterol and maintaining a super skinny figuree, but that’s another story. So we get in the line,  I’ve reviewed the entire menu, seen the plates on the tables, looked at pictures on the wall and determined that I wanted the biggest plate of Fried Clams, Scallops, Oysters, Pollock, Halibut and Lobster. It’s not like I haven’t eaten Fish and Chips before in other places.

We’re almost ready to order … when the unthinkable happens. One of the counter girls announces that the fryer is out of order for the next hour or so. WHAT?!!!??!?! This little sign could not have been more inappropriate, because I was hungry … I was super crabby at that point.

We could have remained crabby and sour, but I was determined to eat a plate of fried seafood nonsense and this being the Maritimes … the Seafood Paradise couldn’t be the only game in town. After questioning the counter staff … they directed down the street, past the Tim Hortons, to the right … you’ll see Chez Camille’s. (I loved how they gave us directions, in Caribbean style). She did warn us that Chez Camille wasn’t fancy … making reference to our business suits.

She was right … Chez Camille is primarily a take out joint … but there is seating outside and inside. Did I mention that people don’t really eat for their health around these parts? Take a look at the menu below … old school soda signs that must have been there for the last 20 years. I didn’t see one item that wasn’t fried or had a fried ingredient in it. If you were still unsure of what you were getting, you could always take a look at the picture of fried seafood.

Guess what I ended up getting ….

Obviously I got the Fisherman’s Platter … was there any other choice?

The pictures can’t really do it justice in terms of the overall size of fried stuff … so I’ll allow for a time series of shots.

This was the start of the meal …
This was after 10 minutes … I basically hadn’t touched the fries or my lobster meat.
This was after 15 minutes … I had some of the fish and i finished my lobster.
This was where I stopped. I could have eaten the rest of the fries, but I thought I felt my circulation stopping because of the grease injection.

So I’ve talked about the story, the location and the size of the portion … now how about the taste of the food. The food was good … nothing amazing. This isn’t high cuisine … it’s basically down and dirty fried stuff. If you’re in the Maritimes, you’re going to get a lot of Fried Fish and fries. Did I mention that there if you’re ready to complete quit and destroy your diet, you can top things off with a liter of ice cream for desert! While we sitting stuff our faces with seafood … there was a large lineup of people waiting for Ice Cream. Obviously, it’s the thing to do around Cap Pele! We will come back to Cap Pele … to pig out at Seafood Paradise. The locals said that it was the best … I trust the locals.

Chez Camille Take Out
2385 Acadie Rd, Cap-Pele, NB E4N 1B3

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