Exeter : 5.30am

Well this was an early start to the morning, so got to the station, and proceeded to crash all through the 3.30 hr train ride to the south of England. The weather was absolute rubbish though: cold, damp and muggy…hence typical English weather!! Checked in at the hotel at about 9.30 or so, and then got to work for about 10am. Nice little office we have here, and very nice people we have working for us. I can definitely say that I am learning a lot about the trials of having remote offices in different places in the world. Just like there are interoffice politics, there are politics that are across offices and countries, and there are cultural nuances that one needs to be aware of, in terms of business conduct and how business is conducted in different parts of the world.

Lots of work, till the end of the day, then a drink at the bar with Norman Whitehall and then back to the hotel room in typical consultant fashion. The kicker here is that there was NO internet connection in the hotel…. Seriously!! NO INTERNET!!!! So I had my steak in Madeira sauce and then headed to bed at about 8pm!!! You heard it… 8pm!!!! Seriously, I think this was the earliest that I had gone to bed in like a couple years without being deathly sick or something.

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