FIFA World Cup 2006 : Germany : Day 2 : Another note

People here have been soooo friendly… it is really amazing..
when we ask people stuff in our english… thez dont understand words like washroom and lavatory but they know toilet….
in the cyber cafe.. the guy only knew one word in the ‘may i use your washroom-lavatory-toilet#.. but proceed to guide me through a labrynth to get me to a toilet.

When we ask directions, as i did when I could not find my hotel, 4 people took time to guide me along to find my hotel…. and the only communication was me asking for directions and showing them my PDA with the German directions to Niddastraße.

And they recognize the Trinidad flag and team!! Yuh know we reach, when they paint our flag on their buildings…. however we still dont have socks with our flag on it.

Aight finally ah gone… BTW We see the white TRINIDAD shirt in the Adidad store.. 64,99 euros!!

Allyuh have to buy the Japan and the new Argentina shirt… they frigging SICK!!!!

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