FIFA World Cup 2006 : Germany : Day 2

We once I left the hotel, me and Slade decide to play hardcore tourist.. especially seeing that I am professional tourist and thing.

Frankfurt is a city like Montreal, very North American, but obviously with a more european feel. Slade and I finally saw the T-UNIT .. if ah only had a card reader on me.. this shoes is the baddest thing since sliced bread – since we walk in the Adidad store and both Slade and I were like kids in a candy store. The store just hot for days, with every piece of merchandise around.

The store was on Zeil Street…. or Zeilstauße… Frankfurt version of Yonge/St Catherines/Bank Street. Now all yuh never see a pic of a footballer until allyuh see a fricking 10 storey pic of Ballack, Kaka and Messi .. imagine 30 storey of 3 footballers.. and allyuh think the pic of machel on the promenade for bMobile was ridiculous… Adidas obviously have ridicuous money to burn and all.

But dread, seriously this place have some SWEET oman… but then again, every developed cosmopolitan european city have super sweet oman. Well back to the tourist story… Slade and I was walking up and down Zeilstrauße, when we see a wagon of meat over a fire.

I kid you not… think of a side ways wagon wheel.. with a sick amount of sausages, ribs and pork on the fire. Of course, the fat bitch that I am… I had to get one of these sausage.. it was about a foot long….. ! BTW Slade get one with plenty mustard and dey does give you a piece of bread about the size of an ant.

Anyway after walking about more… we see people drinking on top of a mall..looking down on the street and once again, being the intrepid tourists that we are, we had to investigate and have a drink at the top of the building.

The view was spectacular and I will post pics online….and had drinks!! I had a apfelweiss or apelweiss…. i dont know the exact spelling.. but this pretty. Allyuh ever drink a apple juice that hit yuh like 5 cold carib. Slade drink a beer with about 6% alcohol in too.

Once we drink and take more pictures and gape at woman and clothes… we kept walking looking for the Frankfurt Opera house…. we asked about eleventy seven people where this blasted place is, and no one could give us directions… so we just decided to walk, with no clue of destination – obviously completely lost.

So I man, spot a big fountain out of the corner of my eye.. and anyhow who know me.. know I dont resist taking a pic.. and lo and behold…. guess what!!!

We get to the opera house… so then more pics of opera house and fountain.. and then we decided to end like champions… we went for an expensive steak dinner… where we were the only refugee, poor ass native looking people, but money does talk loud!

Well we eat, digest and decided we want to walk for the old port.. and on the way we passed the #shut down# Goethe house….it was closed… so we kept walking till this internet cafe.. and now both of us are typing away furiously!!!

Next strip clubs and me trying to get up for 4am tomorrow!!

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