FIFA World Cup 2006 : Germany : Day 3 : Frankfurt

Day 3—
Yesterday I spent all day in Zurich and no one here cares about that… so I will skip that and move to today!!

Got up this morning and Slade and I decided to go the FIFA fan area by the Frankfurt Waterfront!!

It is brilliant.. this HUGE 50 ft screen floating in the water.. and thousands of people milling about.

Tons of english fans and even they love us! I have this big trinidad jersey that says Trinidad on it… and I have pics with Socceroos, English fans, and brazillian girls….. but everywhere… everyone calls out Trinidad and we cheer.

It is great… and by the waterfront they have the Trini flag.. once I can upload pics, I will post pics of the Fan area! Tons of conversation with people and everyone loves us! It is amazing!!

The other thing that I am jealous of.. how friendly and amazingly helpful everyone in Germany is. For today alone, 11 people have helped us, given directions, or explained something to us. In English and very halting English! There is an electricity in the air that is tangible and papable, especially with Germany playing tonight.. tons of German flags etc everywhere!! just amazing!!

There are also tons of fans here who wanted the experience but dont have tickets… and I could see if i lived in Europe, I would come here regardless without tickets, it is a phenomenal atmosphere.

For Carnival, it is a one love atmosphere… but only Trinis can appreciate it… here… it is a one world, one family atmosphere, and make no mistake, THE WORLD IS HERE and they know and love Trinidad!

They cant pronounce SOCA, or dance or eat a HOT HOT curry but they will still cheer for us and that I am amazed by, since in Trinidad, people would never be this friendly, and I dont care who will disagree… but only once ur here, can one understand the sincerity of the people.

Anyway, Friday and Tobago Soldier on dey way.. TI is in Dortmund liming with the boys too.. we liming in Frankfurt at the Fan area and i hope to have pics online for everyone to see the fan area here.

BTW… I have never eaten so much meat and bread… these people love their meat… like seriously love their meat. Anyway ah gone, will post more, and to those, thanks for the PMs and e-mails—- I will post this stuff as long as people wanna read it Smiley

till tonight after Germany play!!

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