FIFA World Cup 2006 : Germany : Just Getting in : Day 1

Hey fellas….
well Slade, Jumbie and I met up in the airport in toronto..
there were a lot of non board trinis going… i even saw some people who i knew … but never publicised that they were going.

Well Slade and I right downtown Frankfurt….about a 8 min cab ride away from each other…. I am right off the Frankfurt Haubtbahnhopft at hotel adler – 65 niddastrasse…. by the way  #ss# in german is ß …hence niddastraße …

slade get a really nice place… bigger than mine.. he have 2 beds and couch for himself…. i just have a smaller room with 2 singles.. but my place is a bit more central….. but I like slade#s place better….

and jumbie seeing some serious pressure, cause his place is about 30-45 mins outside of downtown Frankfurt .. so meh boy under strain to find the place.

But anyhow.. ah not even supposed to check in…..i trying to put pics….but the comp lock down!!

The weather is great… the women looking good….and the transit system is extremely good, once yuh get over the first day jitters and the blasted german who nod when they cant speak english – however people were very very helpful… my hotel manager was really helpful, since he let me stay today for free even though I am booked for tomorrow!!

Anyway ah going to find Slade now and we going to get some food to eat.

Naps, over and out!!

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