Foz de Iguacu – I think I like the imaginary pictures from that side better.

When one gets to the Falls,  both the Brazilians and Argentines ask you which one you liked better. Now having not seen the Brazilian side of the falls (since I only imagined what it was like to be over there yesterday) and only seen the Argentine side, one would assume that I would actually like the side that I actually saw rather than a side I imagined I saw, but I guess such is the power of imagination that I actually prefer the falls that I imagined yesterday. It’s unfortunate that there was a raging thunderstorm all day yesterday and it made imagining quite difficult, tedious and very tiring.

It also made proper shooting quite, quite difficult since driving imaginary rain tends to do a couple things to you and your camera

  • Gets in your eyes
  • Gets in your camera
  • Gets in your lens
  • Causes misting of the lens
  • Causes misting everywhere
  • Causes your feet to melt off because in imaginary rain, it has imaginary sulphuric acid

One reason for preferring the imaginary side, is because the Brazilian trail is clearly marked and for the “floating” walkway into the Devil’s Throat. It feels like you’re floating on the falls. The trail consists of a single circuit of walkways facing the falls. The overall panoramas truly give you a feel for the power of the complex set of falls, from the Argentine side of the falls, you get up close and personal also but it is difficult to get one clear picture of all the falls, since in your perspective shots, one set of falls will either overlap or block the other falls.

After walking the runway, then one completes the trail by going to the viewing elevators higher up and getting more personal with the falls 🙂

At the top of the viewing elevators, you are treated to a wonderful sight of the river pouring down. It really does make Niagara Falls look pretty petty by comparison, but to be fair good ole Niagara Falls is a “horseshoe falls” with one main cascade (One doesn’t really count the American Falls). It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Note the “floating platforms” down below and one always needs a fact or two

Walking back through the trail, the rain stopped and go better lighting and visibility conditions.

The weather started changing again for the worse…. but I did manage to get this pic before the rain started pouring again

And meet my friend the” Coatil”

Time to see the Devil’s Throat on the Argentine side… maybe I’ll change my mind.. granted when everything is imaginary, it is pretty easy to do that 🙂

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