Getting on like a Wajang in Ourika Valley …

<Me … in full Wajang mode> What the hell is dis shit? Wha’ yuh mean that it cold, and the other people don’t wanna climb to the waterfall? Which part of my problem is dat? I paid for ah tour, and the highlight of today’s tour was climbing the waterfall, otherwise you all taking to me some shithole Berber village (something out of Laventille, really …), then attempting to take me to your brother restaurant for ah shitty tagine is not really fair and respectful to me. It ent my problem, your manager didn’t explain to the white people that the waterfall requires some flicking hiking … they think everything is convenient.

<interjects British guy> Hi there, I understand that you’re upset, but you can’t make 13 other people wait here, while you head up the waterfalls, it’s not fair to us either.

<me … changing back to Canadian accent> Hi there, I don’t really understand why you’re inserting yourself in this conversation. Are you the driver or the manager of the tour company? I didn’t think so … you have your viewpoint and I have mine. While you and your wife were making everyone else wait this morning, I didn’t complain. I didn’t complain when your wife bought extra herbs there from the vendor, I didn’t complain when your wife had a bad reaction to the vegetarian tagine … do you think no one else here understands English? This is for the driver and the tour manager to figure out, which they will.

I think it’s best you head back to the back of the bus, please and thanks.

<British guy> That’s a very inconsiderate and selfish view you have there.

<me … reverting back to wajang mode> That’s a very high maintenance wife you have … do you see me saying anything to you about it?

Part of traveling in Morocco is to get used to the time here and understand that the people here operate on “island time” just like Trinidad, except with one bad quality … their concept of “island time” also involves another Trinidadian concept called the “set up”. A “set up” is when someone fails to show up, is so late that you had to leave or promises something and fails to deliver as expected.

For the past three days, I have been the victim of “Island time” and a couple “Set ups”, and right now my patience is wearing very, very thin. Mix ups are part of traveling and dealing with your issues with grace and civility will work 98.9% of the time, however since this was the third set of mix-ups with this tour company, someone had to collect the “iron”.

However in Trinidad, lowering yourself to acting like this, is considered very bad form, but it is also considered necessary to get what you want/need/require when the powers that be, are ambivalent to your plight and issues. For a true expression of “Wajang” in Trinidad … one only needs to look at this video from Rachel Price. For a Trinidadian definition .. see here

Anyway, enough ranting, time for Casablanca.

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