Getting to Roma and how messed up is the weather!!!

Well first of all… Prego!!! This is gonna be the word of this tour, the same way when I was travelling through Prague and Germany, the phrase was “not possible” as in, you are hungry and you want food … well “not possible”. You want the sun to shine today..”not possible”… you think you want George Bush to have AIDS and die… “not possible”.

So we got into Rome this morning from FCO and the thing we were struck by, was how rude everyone is here! Customs officer gets my passport, doesnt look at the thing, just looks for a new page and then stamps it and flings it back to me. Transaction complete! Once we get out of customs, we meet a very nice clerk who mentioned that we need to get a room just for my arms!! Of course, I love her at first sight! She gets a nice little cheap hotel for us and we are on our way to Roma!

The 30 minute train ride to Roma Termini was uneventful except for a Syrian Canadian and a couple other Canadians chit chatting with us. We get to the train station and decide to buy our tram tickets for the hop-on/hop-off bus. Here is a picture of the front of Roma Temini.

Once again we get a dumbass bitch who could only say prego to us… answer our questions, sells us the tickets and again flings the tickets at us! Important note here: I was not the one doing the purchasing for those of you who are thinking I was just the usual rude snob to these people!!!

Once we dropped our bags off at the hotel and I changed into a bright Orange cut off… we proceeded to walk to Santa Maria something…..nice church

… got some pics… uploading the pics right now and we do not have internet in our rooms… the girls decided this and of course I am going insane trying to hijack a connection and use it for my purposes!!!

Another topic is really the freakiest weather I have dealt with in traveling ever! The weather today ranged from 12C to 23C over the course of a 4 hour period… sometimes it was hot and then rainy and pouring! There is one pic I told at St Peters Basilica and it was steaming hot! Then 20 minutes later it was freezing with tons of rain!! Just messed up!!

Anyway jet lag is catching up and I am going to upload one pic of the Colliseum right now.. the connection from the cafe is too slow!!

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