Going to Cappadocia, then stay in a cave … Yunak Evleri review – Suite 106

Travellers get to experience many things on the road : food, culture, adventure. I’m not ashamed to say that one of my favorite aspects of travelling is the actual stay in great or different hotels. I’ve stayed in many types of hotels over the years ranging from a water bungalow in the Maldives, Bono’s room in Finland to an ice hotel in Northern Quebec, working nunnery in Southern Mexico or a hacienda in Antigua, Guatemala. To that list of great stays, I’ll definitely have to add our stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia.

Before doing our morning balloon tours in Cappadocia, we chose to stay at Yunak Evleri. There are many cave hotels in the region and I’m sure that most of them are fantastic. Yunak is cool, since part of it actually was used as Ürgüp’s clothes-washing place. The 170 degree view offer an idea of the overall aesthetic charm of the place.

Upon checking in, we were escorted directly to the breakfast buffet on the terrace. The view from the breakfast terrace is absolutely stunning. The only annoyance was the bee that kept coming around my breakfast – we’ve been told that bees are a nuisance all around Cappadocia – they even have special smokers to keep the bees away.

As for the rooms, we thought that they were traditional and stylish at the same time with nice antique touches. Our suite had Turkish carpets, embroideries and handicrafts, antique iron-and-brass beds, stereo music systems i.e. it was definitely modern. There were quite a few rooms that could only be accessed by a couple flights of stairs … personally I’m too lazy for this.

What I did find cool for a boutique hotel was that they had a computer room with two laptops with free Wi-Fi, available 24 hours a day, and the kitchen stocked with water, soft drinks, wine and beer which you enjoy on the honor system, paying at check-out for what you consume.

As for the rooms … check out D*’s video walk through

I loved the room layout – definitely a unique setting

Taking some shots at night, you couldn’t help but just love the property and the lighting

Other services

High Speed Wired/Wireless Internet Access Complimentary Wi-Fi in the lobby. There is no internet in the rooms, which makes sense as one can’t really expect a cave to be wired.
Concierge Fantastic service and everyone is super knowledgeable about all the activities in the region.
Parking/Valet Free parking in front of the hotel! If you actually drove from the airport.
Dining Had breakfast twice on the terrace. It’s absolutely fantastic looking at the morning views.
Pool N/A
Gym N/A
Business Center N/A

Overall thoughts

This is a fantastic hotel with great service and tremendous attention to detail and personally rates a 9 for me, which is definitely what I expect from a high end boutique hotel like this.

Staff attitude, conduct and support Everything was on point with the checkin, upgrade and escort up to the room.
Hotel Cleanliness Everything was fantastic and there was never anything out of place. Tremendous work done by the staff at the hotel
Location It’s Cappadocia … it’s remote but it’s only a 5 min walk from the town square.
Would I return? Absolutely. I’ll definitely return to Cappadocia in the future and this is where I’ll stay
Family friendly?
As a boutique hotel, I didn’t see young children. There were families with teenagers at dinner though
Good for business travellers?
This isn’t a business hotel, hence N/A
Value for price paid?
For the price we paid, this was absolutely worth it. Especially as they chose to give us the largest suite in the entire hotel. The room looks exactly like it does on the website

Here is another D* walkthrough at breakfast … but feel free to see more highly amateur travel videos on my youtube channel

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