Guest Post : On Being a Food Douche in Israel

On Being a Food Douche in Israel
By: Anabelle Harari

It wasn’t until I read Rishi’s eloquent post about being a food douche that I realized that I in fact was one too. You see, when you surround yourself with foodies, constantly are up to date with the latest food trends, diets, nutrition, and can comb through what is real and what is not- you begin to forget that most people don’t care as much as you do about food.

Sure, everyone eats food (except supermodels) and relies on it for their sustenance. But do they know which farm their eggs are from or if the chicken they ate for dinner last night was abused its whole life? Do they know what raw milk is and do they care if it’s available in their state? For the overwhelming majority, the answer is no.

And while the food movement is moving beyond “trend” and into full scale national hype, the fact remains: I, like Rishi, am a bonafide food douche.

And like the many food douches before me, I use my extensive travel experience to justify my douche-like tendencies. For example, just last week when my friends in New York urged me to try falafel from a place in the East Village, I simply scoffed at them. Nothing I would eat in their quaint city could compare to the falafel of the Middle East.

Other friends don’t even bother anymore, and hide their packages of Sabra hummus before I lecture them about what real hummus actually tastes like.

Oh you must try the hummus from Abu Goush- it’s a tiny Arab village on the outskirts of the Jerusalem hills- it’s the only place for hummus. Anything else- don’t even bother!” –yes, I’ve actually said that out loud before- what a douche, right?

Despite these setbacks I stand behind my words and beliefs- if you want real hummus go to the Middle East, and if you’re in Israel- please go to Abu Goush. If you want to know what real falafel tastes like, go to Egypt- where the crispy outside and gooey green fava bean and chickpea paste simply will not let you down.

When you travel as much as I do it’s pretty hard to accept the bastardized versions of such Middle Eastern delicacies. But alas, what’s a food douche to do?

Anabelle Harari is a food blogger and the community attaché for Birthright Israel Experts. You can find her reading the latest copy of Bon Appetite and eating cheese in the Jerusalem shuk. Connect with her on twitter @thelocalbelle.  

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