hmmm… what a long weekend in Punta Cana…..

Well the last couple days here have been what I expected. So pretty much some Sand, Sea and tons of good food and liquor. Here were our digs at Amanda’s place

Typical island upscale condos…

So after meeting up D* and Amanda, we proceeded to polish off a bottle of Mango Vodka with her Amanda’s boyfriend after having lunch of course and we met up with Amanda’s friend Julia










so after that it was a bunch of partying at the local bars…..Amanda’s boyfriend dancing with transvestites and ummm some random drunkeness overall.

Drinking some ridiculous massive beers… what the hell.. who makes practically one litre beers???

and Amanda’s Dominican boyfriend (Ari Mendi) dancing with the trannie


So overall good night, it ended up with the usual:

  • Too much mixed drinks
  • Too many people getting mad at each other
  • Looking for random Dominican night food
  • Scarfing said food and looking for the after party
  • Don’t remember much else after that

However general observations of the day would be that most of the Punta Cana/Bavarro area is rundown and poor aside from the resort areas. However food and drinking are quite cheap by our standards, very cheap, not like in Trinidad for sure.  Oh wait!! I forgot one big thing, Aris Mendi took us to a Dominican Brothel. It looked like something from back home, with the large house a bar inside and a bunch of bored girls just liming around. I dont know how I could forget that one, but definitely it was an insider’s look into the life around. We spent about 10 mins in there before Amanda, Julia and D* got sick of it, actually I would wager it was even less than that. I definitely didn’t touch any surface in in the place, but it was nice and clean though!!!

So that was the night really…the following day D* got us a nice little All Inclusive for $110 for the both of us…. so that a pretty fantastic deal. Although all inclusives and me don’t mix philosophically, I’m going to keep an open mind about it for tomorrow.

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