How could I forget Vienna sausages?

Growing up in Trinidad, the only thing that Vienna would trigger would be memories of nitrite soaked Vienna Sausages.

However, Vienna was/is one of the great European cultural sites, berthing numerous famous artists and composers whose works many of us recognize even today.  And although it served as a key battleground during many medieval wars, it was comparatively untouched by the two World Wars, allowing it a head start as Europe rebuilt itself since 1945.

Vienna is a virtual playground of sight and sound covered whole square miles.  Live concerts go year-round, museums are everywhere, all housed in some of the most fantastic architecture you will ever see.

Each building facade has something unique about it, either with the colorful decorations of flowers or the gracious addition of sculpted columns and gables.

Schonbrunn Palace is both a museum and a park, and what a large park it is!  Brilliant decorated with flowers spread out in intricate designs, the Palace gardens are a joy to look at, as you can see in the first photo.   Schonbrunn Palace is located about a mile to the west of the Museum Quarter.   There wasn’t so much to see along the way, so taking the public transportation is recommended.

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