How to get from Trinidad to Tobago? | How to get to Tobago from Trinidad?

Updated 15th March, 2013 … all still applies 😀

This is such a common question, whether it be on Lonely Planet, Couchsurfing or any other of the travel forums and travel sites I know. Personally, I would always take the plane instead of the ferry, even for the cost conscious backpacker, you will find that it is a better experience. The waters between Trinidad and Tobago are fairly rocky and depending on the weather conditions, you could be in for a fairly rocky ride…. have your Imodium on hand!! You could also be lucky and have calm seas…. the point is that you should keep abreast of the local weather conditions.

1. Plane :

This is the much faster way of getting from one island to the other. Booking tickets can be done online at

Tobago Express was a scheduled passenger airline based in Trinidad and Tobago. It operated as a sister airline of Caribbean Airlines. Caribbean Airlines is now the main airline which operates the essential “air-bridge” between the Crown Point International Airport located in Tobago and Piarco International Airport located in Trinidad
One way flights as of June 2009 range from 24$USD to 50$USD for a one way flight. Booking online is the easiest way to get this and you get an e-ticket for boarding.

You should book your flights one day in advance, and there is very little chance of a sellout, unless it is a holiday weekend in Trinidad. Then you should book a couple days in advance. There is no standby fare that I know of, but then again those rules could change in the future.

2. Ferry:

The duration of the voyage between Trinidad and Tobago is approximately 2½ hrs (fast ferry) to 5½ hours (conventional ferry). The ferry schedule is here

Tickets are sold:

  • GSS Terminal Office, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad
  • Tobago Terminal Office, Scarborough, Tobago
  • TTPost Outlets (City Gate, Tunapuna, Trincity Mall, Carlton Centre, Chaguanas, Siparia, Princess Town, Sangre Grande, Bon Accord – Tobago)
T&T Express & T&T Spirit (Fast Ferries) Economy return Economy one-way
TT$100.00 – Adult TT$50.00 – Adult
TT$100.00 – Kids 12 and over TT$50.00 – Kids 12 and over
TT50.00 – Kids between ages 3 – 11 TT25.00 – Kids between ages 3 – 11
Panorama & Warrior Spirit
(Conventional ferries)
Economy return Economy return
TT$75.00 – Adult TT$75.00 – Adult
TT37.50 – Kids Under 12 TT37.50 – Kids Under 12
Vehicles TT$600.00 (return)
TT$300.00 (one-way)

Important Guidelines
• All motor vehicles must be delivered three (3) hours before sailing.
• All foot passengers must check in two (2) hours before sailing.
• Check-in will be closed off 30 minutes prior to the sailing to ensure that the vessel departs on time.
• Photo ID must be presented prior to boarding vessel.
• Passengers will not be allowed to disembark the vessel after boarding.
• Flammable items such as liquid petroleum tanks, cooking gas tanks and oxygen tanks will not be allowed on board the vessel.
• The use of radios or tapes is prohibited on the vessel.
• Sailing schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
• Vessels assigned to the ferry service are interchangeable without notice at the authority’s discretion.

The Domestic Ferry Service is operated by the T&T Port Authority, providing transport for passengers, vehicles and cargo. Services include dining and bars.

The prices along with rules and regulations for the ferry can change without notice when this page was compiled.

Port of Spain, Trinidad Office hours (Port of Spain only) are Monday to Friday – 7.30am to 4.00pm.
(868) 625-4906 (tel1)
(868) 625-3055 (tel2)
Scarborough, Tobago (868) 639-2417 (tel1)
(868)-639-4906 (tel2)
(868) 639-2181 (cargo)

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