If you’re brown and Trini in Uzbekistan … this happens …

I don’t know if you’ve heard much about Uzbekistan, but they don’t get a lot of foreigners over there. They definitely don’t get a lot of black or brown people over there. You want to know how I know this?

Well I got double takes everywhere I walked around. Now that’s not too bad … but when the local children are stalking you to take pictures with you, it can get a bit unnerving. Everywhere I walked around in Uzbekistan, I had people asking to chat, or take pictures with me. It was nice in the beginning … the people are just very friendly and very curious … however after about 5 pictures with people, I tend to get a little antsy. The picture below was in Khiva.

In Bukhara, the kids followed me around asking questions, but thankfully I came prepped with some candy to distract and make my escape. You’ll notice my fear of the kids, I think I feared them more than anything else … they’re all so small

What will also happen is that random people will ask you take pictures of them, since I’m walking around with some good gear. Of course, they want pictures with me also …

Here I am in Samarkand begin surrounded by teenagers asking questions about where I was from, my name, why I was so big etc. Of course, in my brain, I thought to myself, if I was actually working out and not looking like a fat pig … what would they have thought?

But the absolute BEST show off experience was a kid riding a horse, and on seeing me … trying to hop a fence with the horse and having the horse flip him over. It happened so quickly, I couldn’t get a picture … but in the end, people in Uzbekistan are awesome, curious and super friendly.

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