Lobster Shopping at Dieppe Fish Market #YQM

I fly through a lot of airports and with the spread of shopping in the airports, I have the opportunity to see some really unique shops in an airport. That being said, Moncton’s Airport is the only airport I’ve seen a fishmarket selling ready to eat lobster – Dieppe Fish Market. It’s an absolutely unique marketing statement on behalf of a tiny little airport. Moncton is a pretty small town … seriously … it’s a really small town, so the opening of the fish market in the airport a couple weeks ago was big news.

Passing by the store, you realize that it’s basically a tourist vehicle for selling lobster to the rest of Canada … 3 lbs at a time, and it’s absolutely awesome. At first, I was thought that all the lobsters for sale were alive. As much as I wanted to take home some living lobster, I also knew that if I brought any living lobster at home … we would have new pets named “Lobbie” and “Stir” rather than dinner. Thankfully, I stopped and chatted with the owner … she explained that they’re all ready to eat Lobster. I’m not a lobster aficionado but the bright orange-pink colour of the lobster should have given me a clue.

Raw Lobster – Not Orange-Pink
those guys at the bottom – Orange-Pink

So when you’re ready to buy your lobster, they pack it in a lovely cardboard box with some frozen carrots. They’re not allowed to give you ice in the box, since it will melt and it contravene some idiotic, farcical airport security code. For your viewing pleasure, I took the liberty of taking a picture of bagged lobster and frozen carrots – I know it is the height of travel photography!

And there you have it … a simple how to guide on picking up some fresh lobster from the Maritimes. If you’re worried about the cost … it’s not that expensive … $8.99 + tax per pound. The cooking instructions are super simple … boil a pot of salted water, drop those suckers in for 2 mins … nothing more other wise you’ll end up with this.


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