Making ah fish broff fresh…

One of the best things we have in Trinidad, is the “fish broff” or fish broth. Trinis consider soup to be a main dish, no dish comes after or before, it goes with the whole “one pot” theory. Being served at home is a lot different from being served at a restaurant, in fact I have never had fish broth at a restaurant and probably would never have it at one, since the premise of fish broth is light and spicy.

There are those who believe that a good soup is the perfect elixir for all illnesses. From the time they feel ill they feast on bowls of soups daily – varying the type of soup so they don’t get fed up. I love soup all the time, but nothing is better than going fishing with the boys, cleaning and seasoning the fish and then making a huge pot of fish broth.

There are a million recipes about how to make a trini fish broth… but I haven’t seen a post where it shows the guys going out to catch the fish….

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