Makkaraperunat in the Presidential Suite in the Hotel Kämp?

Helsinki rocks … but with even a fantastic time, it’s always a bonus when you come back to the one of the two Presidential Suites in the hotel, then proceed to either trash the room or eating something really trashy in the room.

For Finns, there is nothing more trashy than eating Makkaraperunat. It’s translated into Sausage Potatoes in English, but basically it is complete fried nonsense put together 🙂 Then they toss a 1/2 lb of raw garlic on it. Just awesome post drinking food. They’ll dose the mustard , ketchup , onion , garlic , cucumber salad and mayonnaise fairly liberally if you let them. I can’t lie though … if you’re tired from drinking for 12 hours in the bars that never close because the sun is basically up all day and night in summer, then this will definitely hit the spot!

Also if you can figure out how to pronounce “Makkaraperunat” … please let me know!

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