Malta is a country not a drink … fuh real!

Growing up in Trinidad, customers would come to my parents shop and ask for a “Malta”. In Trinidad, when someone says, “Gimme ah cold Malta“, it always refers to the drink and nothing else.

It was only at age 9, that I found a page for Malta in my Stamp Collection along with some historical facts and population demographics, so that indeed there was a country actually called Malta. It was like learning that Turkey had people in it, and not cranberry stuffing like I saw on TV.

Personally, I only know one person who is of Maltese or Maltan descent. Is that even the right way to call a person from Malta? Since I associated the term “Maltese” with a breed of ridiculous dog. Of course, Google has the answer – A person from Malta is called “Maltese”.

In Trindad, if there ever were Maltese people who visited the island and had some background knowledge, I’m sure they would call a young Maltese person a “Smalta” … because we’re funny like that; and there is a drink by that name also.

So in the spirit of complete nonsense … I’ve decided to take an impromptu trip to Malta – that coupled with the fact that I have 5 free nights still to use as part of that phenomenal SPG promotion

The nights expire on Dec 21st, so I have to use them, lest they go to waste! So next stop … drinking a Malta … in Malta … woot!!

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