Moka Explosion 2012 – What can $1500 buy for you?

After all the Carnival festivities … it’s back to the rest of fetes for the Carnival season prior. As much as I might complain about the prices of this fete every year … it does guarantee a phenomenal all inclusive experience and is one of the two “Be Seen” fetes on Carnival Sunday (The other on being Brian Lara’s shindig).

In keeping with the price increases over the year … there were limited early bird tickets for $1000 but then that went up to $1200 and then $1300 … outside the door the scalpers started asking for $1500 for a ticket. That’s a lot of moolah for an afternoon out … approxmately $215 USD at local conversion. Remember what the price progression has been

  • 2004 : $300
  • 2005 : $400
  • 2006 : $600
  • 2006 : $750
  • 2008 : $800

Now this fete aside from being a very well organized but “posh” event … it’s also the only fete which I’ve developed a ridiculous but satisfying tradition – the tossing of the full glass of Johnny Walker Blue scotch.

It’s the only way I feel better about myself in the morning with these all inclusive fetes. There is no way that a human could derive any sort of value from these fetes … so my tradition of trying to dump at least 1/2 to a full bottle of Johnny Walker Blue makes me feel better about the world.

After the dunking of the JWB … then it was on to start eating. The food is the other highlight of this fete … no one really cares about seeing Kes the Band or whoever they can scare up to entertain the Indo-Trinis at this party. It’s about getting drunk, inappropriately “wining” on relatives and stuffing your guts till you’re ready to burst.

They changed up things this year with by moving the stage to a different area of the compound and creating an avenue styled experience where the local movers and shakers could expand their waistlines.

Here’s the video experience

This is also the only fete I know where you can openly sashay and chug bottles of Champagne

So there you have it for Moka … in a nutshell …

  • Great food
  • Awesome alcohol … although they charge for Dunhill cigarettes
  • Insipid, uninspired performances … because no one really care about Kes or whomever they get to entertain.

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