Monday Morning Consultant – Bali Edition – The Lagoon Resort and Spa Nusa Dua Review

Heading into Bali, I tried to book for 4 free nights at the W Bali Resort in Seminyak, but due to the lack of availability of “standard” rooms, I couldn’t get the first night in – so instead I had to book 1 night at the Lagoon and 3 nights at the W Bali.

As for the room, I would have liked my free room to be a suite, but it can’t happen everywhere, even just for one night. This hotel is a “luxury collection” hotel, but in the end – no upgrade, even for one night is a pisser. There is super extended check out though till 6pm .. we left at 6:30pm for Platinum SPG guests – which was actually pretty nice.

The room was a standard resort room with enhanced bathroom.

The bathroom was a standard bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

There are no truly special platinum upgrades that the hotel offers outside of the free internet – which is standard in any SPG hotel across the world (forget that it is 20$ USD a day). The hotel doesn’t also have available Wi-Fi, which is really becoming a pain in my ass – each hotel so far, has had great wired connections but little or no Wi-Fi presence throughout the hotel.

The hotel is pretty spectacular from the lobby at night.

Where this hotel does excel, is the actual lagoon swimming pools, grounds and waterfalls. At night, you get the sense of what is available in the day time.

As for the daytime

The daybed at the  beach are amazing .. just out of the movies

Overall :

Great hotel, just no upgrade because of Hilary Clinton – so I can’t fault the hotel for this one (The staff at the hotel were profusely apologetic about the lack of the upgrade). Great resort ground and pools, definitely a honeymoon type resort.

Platinum upgrades and lounges are generally not available here. No Wi-Fi connectivity – I found a signal but the staff has no idea on how to allow access to it (Two front desk people I spoke to on this)

I’m not a resort person and we’re moving on to the W Resort in Seminyak. We’ve been told that it “was just as nice” as the Lagoon Nusa Dua.

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