Monday Morning Consultant – Osama Bin Laden edition

So if you didn’t hear … Obama took out Osama. Rhymes doesn’t it? Mission Accomplished and now time for a lot of happy backslapping in the US Government. Good stuff, now the war on “terror” is over and we can go back to our lives.

Here is the official Star post and obit :–obituary-osama-bin-laden-was-the-face-of-terrorism?bn=1

I’m relieved and all will go back to normal. Yes, everything is back to normal.


When a consultant hears the news of a global terrorist icon like Osama being taken out, you know what goes through their minds?

Good lord!! The lines at Pearson to get to work are going to be insane. It is going to be around the corner and everyone will be cranky and late for their flights. It’s going to be an even crappier Monday morning, because the commute will be brutal and every flight will be slightly delayed creating a greater backlog for those who fly in the afternoon.

I better confirm my morning flight and ensure I get on that flight, even though it might be slightly late, because afternoon flights will be backlogged.

Additionally, today is not the day to look customs agents in their eyes directly, or make any sort of remotely stupid terror reference, otherwise “you know who, will do, you know what, at any given time”. Sort of like Voldemort from Harry Potter, except with a beard and all.

The funny thing is that when you think about the whole thing, there is absolutely no true relevance of these events to my Monday morning commute, but it is all about the inference and threat of “terror”.

Only consultants have to think about things like Osama affecting their commute. You know another thing that consultants worry about?


Seriously, when you can’t go to work because a tornado destroyed your airport, then you know your commute has reached the height of the absurd! We don’t have snow days like in Canada, but we do have “airport out of commission” days.

Additionally, even more absurd, is the location you moved to, also gets hit with a Tornado warning!

Just another day in the life of a consultant!! Time to walk off like a boss

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