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Monday Morning Consultant – Hotel Kämp, Helsinki

Just walked into the Hotel Kämp from the Central Train Station. With the high level video overview

There is a city shuttle bus through Finnair – definitely a recommend on that one. It’s quick and at 6 euro, it’s definitely a better deal than paying 40 euro for a cab. You’ll need it for eating and drinking in this town. From all the reviews and just the general perception, the Hotel Kämp is definitely the finest hotel in Finland.

Talk about Old School …  Elegant, understated and sophisticated decor and a lot of wooden finishes.

As for location, it cannot be beat! It’s in the very heart of Helsinki. It’s found right across the Esplanade Park, where people gather for meet-ups and where cultural events happen. It’s also just walking distance to almost all of Helsinki’s must-see touristic sights, such as the Market Square, Helsinki Cathedral, Uspensky Cathedral, and the Harbor. The hotel is also near stores and boutiques selling Finnish products (e.g., furniture, clothes, jewellry). The hotel even has its own shopping mall, the Kamp Galleria, housing Finnish and international stores.

The room itself was excellent, being upgrade to a Jr Suite, but if you’re coming without Cash and Points or some type of discount, expect a stiff kick to your pocketbook. You’re paying for that location and the hotel’s history.

Overall … this is a definite recommendation!

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