Monday Morning Consultant – Yogyakarta Edition – Sheraton Mustika Review

For the next couple days, we’re going to be in Yogyakarta, hiking up and down temples and monuments. Again, using the SPG promo and points, we have a couple nights using “Cash and Points” at the Sheraton Mustika – which amounted to 30$ and 2800 pts a night.

  • Plaudit #1 … Sheraton Towers, Singapore
  • Plaudit #2 … Le Meridien Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Plaudit #3 ..
    This hotel is nice!! It’s gets two exclamation marks for service, lobby decor and a quite decent lounge. The security coming in wasn’t too bad at all, unlike Manila or Jakarta.Usual check-in procedure shows that the Gold Status means nothing. Platinum check-in resulted in an upgrade to a Jr Suite. Upgrading to a full Executive Suite would be another 200$ USD?!?! Seriously … I’m going to have a chat with someone on Flyertalk or  SPG corporate and find out what the deal with that is … I don’t expect a Presidential Suite upgrade, but I would like the procedure for the Exec Suites to be clear.

As for the room itself … I really cannot complain at all for 30$ a night. Coming into the suite, everything is awesome. Clean and refreshed.

The Kartanegara Suite comprised the following

  • One full bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • 1 Master Bedroom

Living Room

Master Bedroom


View from the room

As for the pool facilities … they are rather nice 😀

As for Platinum Status … you have access to a great lounge that serves full breakfast and hot entrees as well as complimentary alcohol in the evenings. This is what our lounges used to be like in the US and Canada … but once again, we lead the way in stripping down the benefits for the highest revenue guests.

This was our breakfast selection in the mornings 🙂

Service Level:

The service was fantastic in the lounge. They were incredibly attentive and cheerful and accommodating and definitely was the highlight of the stay the hotel. They made every effort to accommodate me and the woman,  even with me at my grumpiest in the morning.

Overall :

I would definitely recommend this hotel, not only as a Sheraton but just in general. A great stay and it sets the bar for the others further in our trip. It’s too bad the hotel wasn’t in the Q2 promotion hotel list, but with status and points … this was an awesome stay and I’ll be sad to leave.

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