Ok… so granita in Capri kinda sucks…but going around the island in a little boat doesnt!


So right now, Amanda and I are chilling a little cafe in Capri… I just saw these great Lacoste sunglasses that I am going to get! So to kinda recap the day so far after our drunken midnight picnic on the Amalfi Jetty.

  • Woke up late this morning, like about 10 am and then had breakfast with the girls. Beth was already up and about and we proceeded to recap the night.
  • After breakfast and Amanda flirting with Francesco….(why havent I met a crazy girl in Italy?? Who speaks English?), Beth decided to take th bus ride up the Amalfi coast and we decided to do the day trip to Positano
  • Amanda and I get the 11€ ticket to Positano and proceeded to shoot and photograph the whole stunning vista. Ok, well I did that, Amanda maybe took 4 pics.
  • We got to Positano and then Amanda went to shoe and sandal heaven. It truly is a ridiculous place for footwear, I am getting two pairs of italian shoes to go with my italian belts, I had customized for me. Positano is gorgeous, seriously all the places so far on the coast have been stunning. Anyway, while there we see the day trip to Capri. So I enquired about how long it would take to get to Capri and what time we would get back to Capri.. in the end we, found something that would leave at 2pm and return from Capri at 7pm. We went ahead and did this on the spur of the moment and Amanda was eventually convinced to get on the boat!
  • Once we got to Capri, we bought tickets for the main Grotto tour…. which is a like a little big thing. Of course, we were happy with our tickets, then this little Italian guy Alphonso approached us about a private tour. Normally, I dont do these because they are usually a rip off but something in my head said we should go along….. well it was a great decision!!!! And the price of 35€ was a bargain, since we did the following:
    • Coral Grotto
    • Blue Grotto
    • Mini Blue Grotto
    • Great Arch
    • White Grotto with all the Stalactites
    • Mussolinis House This is in comparison to the 21€ for the grotto alone, with all the people! Anyway, time to let Amanda online.. since I have to go buy those sunglasses!! Pronto!!!

So some pics to add to the experience… outside on the jetty at Positano

my usual on the jetty

More Positano

More Positano with Amanda!!

now heading to Capri…..

And on our way to the Blue Grotto..

with all the little boats that take you inside

Inside the Blue Grotto now

Amanda and I heading out after…

with the little welcome man outside Capri

Then on to the White Grotto

and then the Mini Blue Grotto

Some sepia of the Faraglioni Islands : Faraglioni is the collective name for three stacks located off the island of Capri in the Bay of Naples. The stacks have been given their own names: Stella (still attached to the main island), Mezzo (after Stella), and Scopolo (or Fuori).

And passing the Arco Naturale

Leaving faraglioni and other stuff now

anyway leaving all this and back to Positano

and on to more of Amalfi!!!


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