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Now that you’ve had your first breakfast on the island, we wanted to offer a couple dinner suggestions. Over the last couple years, we’ve collated a couple favorites and guest recommendations, grouped by the most popular categories but not necessarily by rank. My Instagram @PEIBrownGuy (https://www.instagram.com/peibrownguy/) has updated food descriptions and recommendations – if it makes my Instagram, it’s usually a definite recommendation or abject horror. If you’re on Instagram, I highly suggest adding me for more real time food recommendations.

Fish and Chips:

  1. Brits Fish and Chips | Charlottetown | https://www.britsfishandchips.com/menu/ | Good portion sizes, prices are good, but could be a little packed in the high season
  2. Rick’s Fish and Chips | St. Peters Bay | http://ricksfishnchips.com/menu/ | Very popular, good portion sizes, scenic drive to the bay, packed in the high season, expect to wait a bit.
  3. Lobster Barn | Victoria by the Sea | https://www.facebook.com/lobsterbarnpubandeatery/ | Very popular, good portion sizes, located on the wharf, the town is extremely picturesque, expect a crowd packed in the high season.
  4. Blue Mussel Cafe | North Rustico Harbour | http://bluemusselcafe.com/ | Totally Instagram worthy, located on the harbour, the food is good but the experience and decor is definitely  geared towards making your Facebook friends jealous.
  5. Hunter’s Ale House | Charlottetown | http://huntersalehouse.com/ | They serve the largest FnC on the island. They have number of different Poutines and the beer is always cold.
  6. Richard’s Fresh Seafood | York | http://richardsfreshseafood.com/the_eatery.html | Super popular fishmarket and eatery. You’ll definitely get the freshest fish and chips there
  7. The Catch | West Cape Visitor Center | https://www.facebook.com/thecatchpei | Excellent food with one of the best Fried Chicken, Fried Fish burgers you’ll ever have.

Chip Truck:

  1. Ken’s Island Fries | Charlottetown – In front Canadian Tire | https://www.facebook.com/Kens-Island-Fries-195454117167650/ | Excellent fry truck, huge portions, get the fries and gravy together. Highly recommended ( CASH Only)
  2. The Original Fry Guy | Charlottetown – In front Kings BBQ House | https://m.facebook.com/TheOriginalFryGuy/ | Traditional fries with a bit of crisp and standard gravy. Same thing as Ken’s …order the large with gravy.
  3. The Chip Shack | Charlottetown – Peaks Quay Marina | http://thechipshack.mapforfood.com/#menu-section | Very popular, good portion sizes, located on the wharf, the town is extremely picturesque, expect a crowd packed in the high season.

Lobster Supper:

There are 5 Lobster suppers on the island, during the season.

This being said, there is only one I recommend :

  • New Glasgow Lobster Supper | New Glasgow | https://peilobstersuppers.com/ | Call ahead and get availability. Go early as they don’t take reservations. If there is a cruise ship in port, then arrive at 5pm, since you’ll avoid the cruisers and the tour bus crowd.

As for restaurants in Charlottetown, I suggest you walk around downtown and explore. There’s a couple restaurants on the downtown list

  • Sim’s Steakhouse | $$$$ | Good steak for special occasion
  • Pilot House | $$$ | Gets crowded, smaller menu
  • Gahan House | $$ | Beautiful Old House, good menu
  • Terre Rouge | $$$ | Excellent chef, good menu, insta worthy
  • Hopyard | $$ | Tons of good beer, rotating menu, good variety for the island
  • Old Dublin Pub | $$ | Cheap eats, 4pm-6pm $1 Oysters, cheap fries


Charlottetown is a small place and the drinking historically has been around homemade beer and “shine”. If you’re looking for properly constructed cocktails, then you’ll need to lower your expectations (especially if you’re a higher end liquor drinker)

  1. Marc’s Lounge (upstairs the Brickhouse Restaurant) | $$$ | Decent drinks in a classic brick building setting on the 3rd floor
  2. Terre Rouge | $$$ | The only place you can get a Sazerac in town
  3. Sim’s Steakhouse | $$$ | Probably the best Manhattan in town


Now if you’re into craft beer … then the historically Irish/Scottish roots here means that you’ll find a lot of beer. As of this note, there are 7 breweries on the island. Beer is definitely a thing here.

  1. Moth Lane Brewery | $$| https://www.facebook.com/MothLaneBrewing | Ellerslie
  2. Copper Bottom | $$ | https://www.copperbottombrewing.com/ | Montague
  3. Bogside Brewing | $$ | https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Brewery/Bogside-Brewing-673301803060621/ | Montague
  4. BarNone Brewery and Hop Farm | $$ | https://barnone.beer |  Rose Valley
  5. UpStreet Brewery | $$| https://upstreet.ca/ | Charlottetown
  6. Evermoore Brewing Company | $ | https://www.facebook.com/evermoorebrewing/ | Summerside
  7. PEI Brewing Company | $$ | https://peibrewingcompany.com/ | Charlottetown (Personally, I would support them the least … they are a Murphy’s business and as such don’t need your patronage unlike the other smaller brewers)
  8. PEI Microbrew link : https://liquorpei.com/local/pei-micro-breweries/

Inn at Bay Harbour aka Michael Smith’s foodie experience:

This foodie experience gets its own paragraph as it is THE 5-Star food experience on the island. We’ve been multiple times and here’s a short primer:

  • My Instagram food story : https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18052008736111542/
  • Chances are if you wanted to do this after reading this post during mid June to the end of August, you won’t get your preferred seating (if you get a seat). It’s already sold out for 4 guest till the end of the season. Reserve here : https://www.exploretock.com/theinnatbayfortune
  • It’s not cheap  | $$$$$ | 170$ per head + alcohol … and the alcohol isn’t cheap. I took another couple there and the bill was 1080$
  • Plan your afternoon and evening around this … and make proper arrangements. It’s an hour from Charlottetown each way and the whole Fireworks feast lasts from 5pm to 10pm.
  • Do not take your young children or babies … you will NOT be happy with yourselves and others will definitely NOT be happy with you.
  • If you need babysitting – we have two babysitter on call at $30/hr

Rishi’s Fish buying guide:

The number one question in season I get … “Where do I buy lobster?”

  1. Do not cook lobster and crabs inside the house. We have lobster pots for a reason. Ask for them prior to your visit and we’ll direct you to their location on the property.
  2. The answer to buying Lobster depends on where you’re staying with us
    1. Cottage
      1. Head out to the West Cape marina … ask someone when the boats get in and haggle. Otherwise, head to Tignish and Royal Star Fish Mart : http://royalstarfoods.com/retail-seafood-fish-mart/
    2. Charlottetown and Stratford
      1. If you want the easiest and most reliable source, then head to MR Seafoods (it really should be your one stop shop for fresh Scallops, Lobster, Clams and Oysters) on Capital Drive (https://www.mrseafoods.com/). NOTE:  They are NOT open on Sundays. Don’t message me to complain about another business’s operating hours. Expect to pay 8$/lb for live lobster and 9$/lb cooked.
      2. In season, there are local fishermen selling lobster off the back of their trucks. Locations will ALWAYS vary … but there is usually a guy during the season in the Canadian Tire parking lot. I buy from him all the time during the season. Expect to pay 6$-8$/lb for live lobster – all depends on how much you buy.
      3. If you’re driving to Souris, Wood Islands, Georgetown or pretty much anywhere outside the urban triangle (Stratford, Charlottetown, Cornwall), then you should be able to find fish marts and still get consistent pricing.
      4. If you didn’t prepare by using the above, then the local Sobeys, Canadian Superstore or Loblaws will also have lobster. Expect to pay a minimum of 16$/lb for live lobster and 18$/lb cooked. Also feel free to give me extra money too since you like donating to people.
  3. Hey Rishi and Diane … “How do I cook Lobster?”
    1. You’ll receive no response from me on this question … because you’re clearly expecting me to come over and boil your lobster for you and maybe even feed it to you. See our rule about expectations from your AirBnB host.
    2. Use the lobster pots. We should have everything for your lobster eating experience. Each house has at least 2 lobster crackers and lobster picks/chopsticks for prying knuckle meat out.

I don’t recommend anything to eat on the Marina during the tourist season, as it will be overcrowded, overpriced and not something we would do. In the shoulder seasons, it’s excellent and the walk in the evening along with a group/family picture by the “YEAR” numbers on the harbour is a nice souvenir.

Of course, if you choose any of our recommendations, please let us know what you thought.


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