Where to eat in Antigua Guatemala : Pizza in the ruins : 7A Norte Pizzeria review

The search for a great patio in Antigua Guatemala doesn’t tend to be very hard work. However, just like finding a great bowl of fragrant Pho, a well balanced plate of Pad Thai or a flavorful well done steak … finding a great patio can be a lot of trial and error before you find greatness. At 7A Norte Pizzeria, I’m pretty sure that we found our “go to” patio in Antigua Guatemela. (7A Norte Pizzeria review)

If you’re looking for the place … you can find it one of two ways

  1. Go find the San Augustin Ruins … the place is attached to it. A tuk tuk driver will quicker know the ruins than the actual address.
  2. You can use the address :
    5a Calle Poniente y 7a Avenida Norte #2. Local 1, Antigua 03001, Guatemala


When you have a location like this, it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture. In fact, I’ll dare you to try and take a poor picture in here at Sunset. That was my slight hint to come here for sunset. We had the entire place to ourselves from 5pm to 7:30pm

Hello friends … how are you doing?
There’s a family of parakeets in the ruins that were always flying around. Maybe you’ll get to meet them.
Now this is where I could watch a football game for a couple hours with a couple pints or a lovely scotch!
Like I said, it’s tough to take a bad picture in the ruins!
It’s the small touches that make this place excel
All I could think of a scene from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Where else could baby feeding be so classy?

The Food

The pictures will speak for themselves, but when you grow your own herbs upstairs and those are used to flavour the sauces and pizza, how can you truly go wrong?

The pizza we had was simply exceptional. It was the house special, 1/2 with cheese and 1/2 without. Well done with a no extra sauce. It was as good as the finest pizzas I’ve had in Rome, Venice and Amalfi.
How you beat that wafer thin crust? If you’re looking for new york style dough … go to Dominos and if you’re looking for a Chicago Style deep dish … then stop reading now.
The desert pizza was ok. Not inventive in conception and average in execution. But again … your pizza should have tomato sauce not Nutella. D* enjoyed it for what it was.

The music

There was the right mix of eclectic electronica, reggae, reggaeton along with 10 minute interludes of Neil Degrasse Tyson from Nova and other speakers. Where else would you hear a clip from Nova and think that it was right type of sound for this place.

The service

I don’t know if I can really comment on the service. The guys were absolutely excellent, however as we were the only people in there for a couple hours, I don’t know if it will be consistently excellent.

The requisite shitty video walkaround

The price

This place is not cheap by any Guatemalan standards. Our meal cost the equivalent of $110CDN. Granted,  here’s the menu and we ate the following

  • 3 La 7A Norte pizzas @95Q each
  • 12 Gallos @24Q each
  • 1 La Maria Nutella @40Q

The final bill with propina was somewhere in the 675Q range. To put that into perspective in Antigua Guatemala … the average maid here makes about 220$CDN a month. That being said … we spent almost 4 hours here drinking and eating for 4 hours. The equivalent pizzas from Terroni in Toronto (they have similar quality pizzas) would be $35+tax and beers are 7$ + tax   … so a similar meal without the epic surroundings would 230$CDN.

The conclusion

If you’re in Antigua Guatemala and you’re looking for a fabulous, memorable meal in a completely unique locale … this is it!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/7anorteWebsite : http://www.7anorte.com/

Best Pizza in Antigua

Atmosphere - 10
Food - 9
Music - 9
Service - 10
Price - 6



Easily the best combination of food, atmosphere, service and music in the city.

Go there today!!!
User Rating: 4.85 ( 1 votes)

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