#RDMission100-7 : Day 2 – Getting from PEI to Los Angeles

Family travelling is like being a Project Manager with the worst clients ever. Have you ever had a nightmare client, where they

  • Don’t give a F about deadlines or budget
  • Show no gratitude : What do you mean you flew 8 hours to Disneyland, cramped up, had to take you to the bathroom 6 times and change your sister’s diaper 3 times. That’s what you do, bitch!
  • Expect the world : I want everything now … for free and on time.
  • Have no concept of budget : will demand any and every toy because they have no concept of money
  • Have changing requirements i.e. will eat macaroni one day and the refuse the following and expect you to know this.

Also packing for many people is an art … we failed

You want to see what flying economy looks like with a 5yr old and a 1 yr old …. bask in the glory of this awesomeness

It’s on these days, I realize I don’t deserve my wife … sometimes. She’s a rock … while I’m just a petulant child who goes crazy when my travel routine is straight up destroyed.

I don’t think young consultants can make great parents. It’s impossible to get over the FOMO with your friends and then going home to change shitty diapers and deal with the worst clients you’ll ever deal with.

But for all the tiredness we felt… the baba definitely showed it best

Smugmug link : https://www.rishisankar.com/Travel/USA/Getting-to-LA–2019–November-24th-2019/n-JnZWmX/

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