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The view is all that, a bag of chips with a diet coke and more. Nuff said!
Two points of note

One of the great things about doing a cruise through the Cyclades is that you get a great sample of the islands.
One of the shitty things about doing a cruise through the Cyclades is that you get a great sample of the islands.

Going to Santorini and taking a picture of the sea and the caldera has been on my personal bucket list since I came up with one, many moons ago. When you go to Greece during summer, you can be assured of three things:

It’s going to be f’n hot. Like steam off your head and balls hot!
It’s going to be crowded. It seems that there are many other tourists with the same idea.
The lighting for photographing on a sunny day is so fantastic, a gorilla could take a fantastic picture in Santorini.

Once you get off the boat for your day trip, you can either choose to stay in Fira after either taking the donkey up all the stairs or the cable car, or you can head to Oia. My strong recommendation is that you take the boat from the jetty and head directly to Oia. It’s super pretty to be anywhere in Santorini, but I loved being in Oia.

Once you get to Oia, you can easily wander around for a couple hours, grab a great Greek lunch, shop or just take enough pictures to blow up your camera. Everything in Oia is photo worthy … the walls, doors, stores and even the grizzly old people you will see around.

The pictures really don’t do the place justice. So get off your ass and go there at some point! For more pictures, you can head directly to my Santorini photo blog


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