So finally we leave Napoli and the Hamilton of Italy, and headed to Amalfi through Salerno

6.35pm: Ok so we just grabbed a train from Napoli, where we got one of the most ridiculous sharwarmas ever. This one little kebab shop had shawarmas and I was starving, since I had not had anything solid to eat aside from the Orange Crack slushies outside of Pompeii.  Well when an Egyptian makes a sandwich, where the bread is perfectly crusted, has tons of meat, salad, and then he tosses a bunch of fries in the sandwich, you know you have a winning sandwich on your hards. Oh yeah, don’t forget a ton of Salsa Picante!!


8.20pm: So we finally get into Salerno, where no one speaks any English of substance, but it takes us a while to figure out how to find the bus that is going to Amalfi. Between farting Serbs, Italians trying to have in front of us at the bus stop and guys playing soccer at the bus station, we managed to find the appropriate bus. There were a bunch of other tourists coming here and they were following us, as if we had any better idea than them about things, but it does say something about being confident about where you are going!!


We’re on the bus from Salerno, heading to Amalfi. We don’t have a hotel or anything in Amalfi and I figure we will get to Amalfi in a while. Of course, something will work out and we will have a nice hotel, once the girls don’t become over crazy about the price.

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