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Getting from Banff to Lake Louise and back … with Morant’s Curve

I often take living in Canada for granted. Only after seeing more and more of the country, am I amazed at how much there is to do there and what spectacular vistas and scenery we have.  Driving from Calgary to Banff is fairly uneventful, but only if you’re not impressed by snow capped mountains with the Canadian Rockies in the …

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My 2012 Travel Resolutions

Every year, we make resolutions for the New Year. It is the typical procrastinators excuse … “I’ll wait till the New Year to start the gym/diet/travelling etc” For me, after I’ve made out my mental New Year’s resolution check list to lose weight, be nicer to people, organize my life, get married; I always go back to the top of that New Year’s check list and …

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