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How was the food in Antarctica? Sea Explorer Food Review.

When you choose a trip to Antarctica, you’re going for the experience of being at the bottom of the world. The pictures, videos and actually being there is also pretty awesome. All those factors included … the most popular questions I’ve been asked since I came back from the ship … How was the food on the ship? How was …

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Three things to do for a full night in Phuket: #2 – Get your massage on!

Everyone knows that massages are super expensive in North America. The prices can be sticker shocking even for people who’ve never left the continent. I can only imagine what South East Asians must think when they come to places like NYC and Toronto and see what these people charge. Yet another reason, I don’t go to spas back home. However, …

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My chase for 30 of 40 in 4 days … do it yourself Singapore Food Tour … Part II

Continued from http://www.rishiray.com/2011/07/14/my-chase-for-30-of-40-in-4-days/ So in the chase for these foods, we ended up at Clark Quay for the start of the Singapore Food Festival. However by reaching at 11pm, when the close was scheduled for midnightwe we’re greeted with the following closing of the stalls and basically seeing only the scraps of food that was left by the hordes that …

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