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Going for the Trini Polar Plunge in Deception Island #WDMC

For some background information, while Deception Island sounds like something off the coast of Mordor or some place in Game of Thrones where the Dothraki have fun, it’s actually an old whalers station. Everything is rusting and decaying … I assume that with all the whales that were killed there, it can’t be the happiest place on earth, with giant …

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Can you curry a Penguin in Antarctica?

At my wedding, this year in Guatemala, one of my Trini friends asked me if I was going to Antarctica to eat “curry penguin”. For all those non-Trinis who read my blog, Trinidadians have a fascination with trying to cook and curry anything. I’ve had alligator and snake curry … I don’t recommend it. We cook all sorts of wild …

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