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Riding the Sulphur Mountain Gondola

One thing I do love when playing Trini Tourist in any part of the world is riding a cable car/telespherique/gondola … pretty much any ride that goes up or down a mountain. Past highlights include Singapore Cable Car – Singapore Zermatt/Matterhorn Cable Car – Swiss Alps, Switzerland Montserrat Cable Car –  Montserrat, Spain Masada Cable Car – Masada, Israel Pao …

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Yet another cable car ride – Singapore Cable Car

I love cable car rides … nuff said. If your country has a great cable car ride, then more than likely I will do it once I get there. For instance, a couple of my favorite cable car rides have been Matterhorn, Switzerland … post Monserrat, Spain  … post Rio de Janeiro, Brazil … post Masada, Israel … post Barcelona, …

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Don’t worry – tips on being safe in Latin America

On my first trip to Mexico years ago, I remember my friends telling me that it was unsafe, full of drugs, hookers, bandits and that everyone would try to take my stuff at every turn. In Trinidad, the bandit copied the “Colombian” kidnapping habit, hence my Trini friends would tell me that they knew someone, who knew someone else who …

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