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Guest Post : On Being a Food Douche in Israel

On Being a Food Douche in Israel By: Anabelle Harari It wasn’t until I read Rishi’s eloquent post about being a food douche that I realized that I in fact was one too. You see, when you surround yourself with foodies, constantly are up to date with the latest food trends, diets, nutrition, and can comb through what is real …

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I am a food douche … fuh real … and I make no apologies

I started watching a movie this weekend …  this insipid Woody Allen movie called “Midnight in Paris” … it was so fucking stupid … I couldn’t even get through the first 20 minutes before getting annoyed … and the reviews talk about the charm and other nonsense … but the awesome part was the character Micheal Sheen played (this douche …

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