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24 hours in Helsinki – The Trini Way

Hey! So you’re in Helsinki for 24 hours and you want to absolutely have the best full 24 hours that is possible over there. Before I actually give you a decent itinerary on what to do, here is a bit of a preamble on my adventure here. Lesson #1 … do NOT go in winter but rather sometime close to …

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Is the Helsinki Card worth it? … HELL NO!

Helsinki Card

In all my research online, I figured with opinions of others was worth something so I bought the 72 hour Helsinki Card … it was a stupid decision and fraught with utter worthlessness. See a picture of my card … the only use of the card was really for taking the picture of the card to prove how useless the …

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48 hours in Helsinki … preplanning options

With any new city, I try to figure out a high level plan, the same applies to spending 48 hours in Helsinki on my way to Tallinn and/or Riga. That being said, I’ve booked a weekend at the Hotel Kamp, which is reputed to be the “Best Hotel in Finland … and no I don’t have cash to burn but …

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