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12 things to do in Iceland : Trini-Style!

When I went to Iceland, I really thought that the place would be covered in ice. Seriously! There is a reason that Iceland is known at the “Land of Fire and Ice” … although I would rename it to: Iceland : Land of the “Ficeterfallucken” … aka Land of Fire, Ice and Waterfalls Turducken style. If you’re expecting amazing food …

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Jökulsárlón – Have I mentioned that Icebergs are pretty??

Jökulsárlón is the best known and the largest of a number of glacial lakes in Iceland. It is situated at the south end of the glacier Vatnajökull between Skaftafell National Park and Höfn. Appearing first only in 1934-1935, the lake grew from 7.9 km² in 1975 to at least 18 km² today because of heavy melting of the Icelandic glaciers. …

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