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Wednesday Photo Nights #18 : What to do in Santiago Atitlán?


What to do in Santiago Atitlán in 3 hours? From the first 2 posts about Santiago Atitlán … How to get to Santiago Atitlán How to find Maximón and why he should have been a Trini god. You should be wondering what there is to do in this town … so here’s a synopsis of what to do in Santiago …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #7 : Trinidad at FIFA World Cup 2006


As a Trini growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s … I have two moments of disappointment. The first was the series loss of the West Indies to Australia in ’95. The second traumatic incident was Trinidad’s loss to the Americans on November 19th, 1989 in Port of Spain. This match is actually in the FIFA list of all …

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Quiet daytripping in St. Kitts …


It had been some years since I had been to St.Kitts but I remember it being a quiet island in comparison to other islands I had been to. So in one full day in St. Kitts, you’re limited to the following below (a driver and tour should cost about 25$ per person … since there is precious little to do …

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Moka Explosion 2012 – What can $1500 buy for you?


After all the Carnival festivities … it’s back to the rest of fetes for the Carnival season prior. As much as I might complain about the prices of this fete every year … it does guarantee a phenomenal all inclusive experience and is one of the two “Be Seen” fetes on Carnival Sunday (The other on being Brian Lara’s shindig). …

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