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Moka Explosion 2012 – What can $1500 buy for you?

After all the Carnival festivities … it’s back to the rest of fetes for the Carnival season prior. As much as I might complain about the prices of this fete every year … it does guarantee a phenomenal all inclusive experience and is one of the two “Be Seen” fetes on Carnival Sunday (The other on being Brian Lara’s shindig). …

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Soca in Moka 2012 … so you’re looking for tickets?

I’ve compiled a couple years of photos on Soca in Moka below. I assume that you’re here because you’re looking for tickets for the fete. I’m not here to tell you the fete is overpriced and that it has been overrated for years, because if you’re looking for tickets, then you don’t care about the price of these all inclusives. …

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