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Tak’s Thai Kitchen, Moncton … Authentically Thai Food

Moncton continues to surprise me in terms of things to do and places to eat. The latest culinary adventure took us a bit out of the downtown core to Tak’s Thai Kitchen. Today is also the first day that I’m using my Blackberry Z10 to take pictures for a post … so the picture quality will be a bit different. …

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In Moncton, Super Moon = Super Tidal Bore

A major tourist attraction in Moncton is a phenomenon referred to as the “Tidal Bore”. Now to put things in perspective … anything that attracts more than 100 people in Moncton is a tourist attraction. There’s a Canadian TV show called Corner Gas and it’s based in Central Canada … but if you substituted Moncton for Saskatoon, you wouldn’t notice …

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