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Trini Penguin Power Picture Post #MissionCurryPenguin

If you’re looking for Penguin Pictures, then this is another post for you. These are some of the common expedition pictures from the cruise … Trini Penguin all the way Here’s a bunch of human penguins huddled up! OK  … here’s a Kayaking picture in Antarctica … I had to post this one.

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A Trini at the Church at the Bottom of the World

The Russians are a hardy, tough people … and they obviously love their god and religion. When I think about the Russians building churches in the frozen ridiculousness of Siberia, I give them total ‘props” on being able on their history of building its churches and monasteries in inhospitable places. However, only the best of the best can rival Trinity …

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Antarctica Cruise = 53/100 on my Hillman Wonders list

For many of you who follow this Trini’s blog, you’ll know that my first source of travel inspiration was the Hillman Wonders website. There wasn’t anything super special about the list … I even wrote an open letter to Howard Hillman about the low placement of Trinidad … still didn’t get a response. One would think that with no response …

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Paradise Harbour Antarctica: A Photo Blog

Paradise Harbour Antarctica was named by whalers because it is such a protected anchorage. We made a continent landing at the nearby Argentinean station of Almirante Brown but prior to the landing, we did an amazing glacier cruise via our Zodiacs. The weather cooperated to help create some stunning images. I know I was very lucky to get these pictures, …

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Surviving the Drake : Seasickness on the Drake Passage Crossing

In planning a trip to Antarctica, you have the typical four factors to consider Cost / Financial Impact: How much money can you afford for this tour? (See my Antarctica Cost Breakdown page) Timeframe: How long you actually want to go for.  Typically North Americans get two weeks of vacation. This trip at a minimum will take your entire two …

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Going for the Trini Polar Plunge in Deception Island #WDMC

For some background information, while Deception Island sounds like something off the coast of Mordor or some place in Game of Thrones where the Dothraki have fun, it’s actually an old whalers station. Everything is rusting and decaying … I assume that with all the whales that were killed there, it can’t be the happiest place on earth, with giant …

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