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I miss being the only Trinidadian in Uzbekistan

It’s been about a year since my epic first adventure through Central Asia and specifically being blown away by Uzbekistan as a tourist destination. In a somewhat perverse way, I also miss being a sideshow attraction of being a Trinidadian in Uzbekistan. For instance, when I was walking through the Walled City of Khiva, I subject to many curious glances …

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Bukhara Sightseeing : Poi Kalyan photoblog

It’s been about two months since I left Uzbekistan, but I can’t think of a place I’ve been that I’ve expected so little from that offered so much. As a Trinidadian, the idea of vast mosque complexes, rugged terrain and amazing food would be something that I would expect in the much more well known Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, …

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Wine tasting in Samarkand … yep … seriously!

Wine tasting in Samarkand? You didn’t know that Uzbekistan had wine? Neither did I! So our gracious friend and guide Yuliya suggested that we try some Uzbek wine, you could imagine the face I made and the thoughts which ran amok in my brain. Yuliya’s suggestion wasn’t really about the wine but her story that the woman who runs the …

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Open letter to Howard Hillman : Hillman Wonders

Hello everyone, This is an open letter to Howard Hillman from Hillman Wonders. How are you doing? I’ve been a great fan your website for the last 10 years, in fact I’ve used your Hillman Top 100 as my defacto bucket list. It’s a great bucket list and although I might not have agreed with everything in your top 100, …

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If you’re brown and Trini in Uzbekistan … this happens …

I don’t know if you’ve heard much about Uzbekistan, but they don’t get a lot of foreigners over there. They definitely don’t get a lot of black or brown people over there. You want to know how I know this? Well I got double takes everywhere I walked around. Now that’s not too bad … but when the local children …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #13 : Dreaming of Samarkand

Walking through Samarkand is like opening a copy of Arabian Nights. On a sunny day, it’s virtually impossible to take a bad picture here – the combination of the scenes, colour, framing and lighting make it one of the most photogenic of all destinations I’ve ever been to.    

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