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Brekkie at Little Dix

Almost everyone has heard of Little Dix Bay of Virgin Gorda, known in some circles as “the world’s most famous beach resort”.  It was by Laurence Rockefeller as an exclusive, secluded retreat for honeymooners and America’s “rich and famous”.  You know anything with the Rockefeller name has to be a bit posh. His original design included 50 no-frills bungalows privately spaced along …

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Virgin Gorda trip madness

Coming to the Virgin Islands always seems to be an adventure into madness. Getting here from Chicago is not the most convenient week trip I’ve ever done, in fact it’s one of the most circuitous, since the routing involves the following St. Charles, IL to Chicago O’Hare airport Chicago to Miami – and staying overnight for 8 hours Miami to …

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The second best commute to work….

As part of our working lives, we have to get to work in the mornings. Work is just a necessary fact of life, and as much as we complain about the whole thing, it does serve a very useful purpose in our lives. I think it is to give purpose and meaning as well as to give us something to …

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