The Real Jerk Prohibition …

696 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4M
(416) 406-2669

709 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H1

Stopped into Prohibition/Booze Emporium last night for a quick drink after having “dinner” at the Real Jerk on Queen St.

One rant : If I have to recommend Jamaican food in Toronto, I would take a rocket launcher and aim it dead square at The Real Jerk, blow it up and then shit on the burning embers of that place. After ordering the 1/2 Jerk Chicken with salad and cole slaw, while D ordered the Curry Chicken and Jerk Chicken combo (I told her not to order it, Jerk and Curry Chicken is like oil and water, positive and negative – since Jamaicans by definition cannot make Curry Chicken – the same way Trinis by definition cannot make good Jerk). This place has been around for ages, simply because people here don’t know what good Jamaican food is … period! The food was highly average, service was average. Not a problem – I don’t ever expect service from a West Indian place … I do expect lots of tasty food at a decent price

Paying $36.00 for this, was a complete rip-off and I’ll never go there again.

As for Prohibition : The room is nicely put together with some cool touches (we loved the idea of the light-switches in the booths that were wired for service requests – like in planes – although we didn’t need to use it as the service was very friendly and well-timed).

As for the food, I thought it was pricy but completely worth it. I did question the term “GastroPub” that I saw, since the menu was fancy pub food. I had the fish and chips (Monkfish wrapped in Bacon, then battered in Tempura and then fried), which was a bit too heavily battered for my personal taste, but otherwise I thought it was decently executed. D had the 1/2 plate of nachos which came with sides of crushed chilies, fresh guacamole and dill and bacon infused sour cream – she loved it. The nachos were coated with Guyere goodness. She seemed to love it!  With a couple pints of Sapporo and Keith draught , the bill, with tax and tip, for the two entrees, four draught beer (3 Keiths and 1 Sapporo) was $60.00.  Definite Thumbs up and the addition of live Jazz was quite the treat. In fact, the music made the meal.

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