thoughts by the end of Day 4….

full travelogue to follow but random thoughts so far

  • The same way Americans have Mexicans in the US to do certain things for them, I have decided that I must find each countries version of Mexicans, hence:
    • The Polish are the Mexicans of Iceland
    • The Guyanese are the Mexicans of Trinidad
    • The Indians are the Mexicans of Germany
    • The Algerians are the Mexicans of France
    • And Mexicans are the Mexicans of the US ….. more Mexicanisms to follow
    • Oh yeah, Quebecers are the Mexican-ts of Canada
    • <updated Sept 2010> Nicaraguans are the Mexicans of Panama
    • Colombians are the Thai hookers of Central America and the Caribbean (I couldn’t even lump them into the Mexican category)
    • Moroccans and Algerians are the Mexicans of Spain
    • Moroccans don’t have Mexicans … they do have Berbers but that doesn’t count.
  • Stupidest question of this year:
    • Lev and I have just come off a glacier..where I almost died in a sinkhole. We are going into our 4X4 when a bunch of girls in a car pull up next to us and the following conversation takes place. Note that you have to drive 7 km offroad on a dirt road to get to this place.
      • Girls: Hi there.. how are you guys
      • Lev: We’re good <insert random useless chatter> / Rishi is trying not to die from sinkholes
      • Girls: Well guys, do you guys know if there is a store up there ???<points up to the fucking glacier… like the middle of the glacier>
      • Lev: Yeah there is a Wal-Mart up there
      • Rishi: Yeah next to the fricking Target… like what you seriously expect up here, dumbass???
  • Icelanders really have only fish and lamb and nothing else worth eating. Pretty much anything else is shit! Don’t think this is true….??? Try eating any fast food here… if you have eaten it somewhere else!! Come to Iceland for the wonder and beauty… do not come for food!! Bring your own
  • I have seen so many waterfalls, I am now so waterfalled out..its disgusting!! All waterfalls here are amazing, of course when you have a massive set of glaciers feeding all these glacier… after a while, you just expect a great waterfall to be around the corner. In South Iceland… gorgeous waterfalls are always around the corner?
    Being in Iceland is like being in reverse Spanish Harlem, you expect everything to be amazing here.. the same way you expect to shit in Spanish Harlem.
  • You want to confuse an Icelander… ask for a bag of Ice!!!
    Seriously if you want to completely confuse them, ask for a bag of ice. They will ask you if you want ice cream, ice tea, ice smoothie, soft serve ice cream, but they cannot comprehend why you can want a bag of ice. Ironic…. you can’t find a bag of Ice in Ice-fricking-land!!
  • Anyway those are my random thoughts for today… will blog and upload later.

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