Three things to do for a full night in Phuket: #3 – Get your drink and maybe “U C Ping Pong Show”

Phuket nightlife is pretty legendary and is known internationally for the all night partying. There are many similarities between Cancun and Phuket – so you can do the following.

The final part of the night would be getting the drink. There are a number of bars off Bangla Road … some of course, will have more people than others.

Every bar has tons of dancing girls … all dancing around pointlessly, but it does get the people into the bars; and by people I mean men *lol*.

Even something for Trinis … since FBI in Trinidad means “Flat Bottom Indian” …

What we don’t have on Port of Spain streets, would be the walking “trannies” and “cross dressers” … In Toronto, we usually see this on Church Street, but not as flamboyant either.

Walking through the bars at night in Phuket will generally look like the following clip.

Drinking in Phuket should be fairly cheap, if you’re drinking beer. Getting your beer in the mini marts around will set you back about 100 baht (3$ CDN) for a 750ml beer, while drinking hard drinks (vodka, rum, tequila) will usually end up between 150 and 200 baht per drink, which is pretty expensive for Thailand.

3+1 tips of Ping Pong Shows – How not to get ripped off or at least know what you’re getting.

While walking along Bangla Road, you will see many guys standing along the road holding laminated A4 paper with a list of shows available – it’s similar to the hispanic people in Vegas who flick the stripper business cards to draw your attention.  If you decide to come in for a “Ping Pong” show, the bars are usually off the main strip. When you enter, there will probably be a mix of locals and tourists and there will be a few girls were performing completely naked on stage – like any other strip club.

Personally, I’ve one version of this in Bangkok and it was enough for me, to never want to see it again. However, if you do want to see a Ping Pong Show, especially if you have heard the stunts those girls could do with their PC muscles, then there are a couple things you should be aware of

  • It’s an extreme strip show (XXX), no young kids are allowed. Some of the stunts you would see are
    • Blowing a dart from a straw to burst a balloon.
    • Pulling a string of razor blades out from it
    • Shooting a ball into the air (hence the Ping Pong)
    • Smoking a cigarette
  • Entry fees are expensive and there are two variations – but either way, you’re going to pay a lot, if you go in.
    • Free entry and you have to buy at least one drink. Each drink will be around 600 – 800 baht (20$ – 27$ CDN)
    • Paid entry and usually the fee is 800 baht (27$ CDN)
  • Don’t volunteer to go on stage. You might have to touch it. They don’t make disinfectant readily available. Think. About. It.
  • Don’t tip. You’ve paid enough to be traumatized … no need to feel pressured to “tip”

Personally, I’m always game for something the first time, but the whole thing is a bit miserable and sad. As mentioned, once in your life is enough. The girls just look miserable swinging around on poles, with no hope in their eyes – and it definitely is not the most erotic thing.

Culture Warning : You will see many Westerners with very young boys and girls. I find it best not to think about any of it. That is a completely different sociological phenomenon and is the subject of blogs, magazines, documentaries and books.  The sight of these mismatches in age and attractiveness can be a little sickening, but it’s not my personal choice – so look on and accept that it is part of the scene. These girls and boys were obviously there in hope of being given a better life than the one they were living. It’s alarming to see what some people will do for money and what money can buy – but this is anywhere else in the world.

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