Touring Toronto??!?

For all the travelling I do for work and everything else in between, it is sometimes very easy to take Toronto for granted. This is an awesome city with tons to do and see… good food, good culture and unique neighbourhoods. So why do we take our home cities for granted….in fact, it is possible to take your home country for granted! Most of the places in Trinidad that are listed in tourist brochures and guide books are only visited by Trinis after they have left Trinidad! *I’ll raise my hand and include myself in that bunch*

That being said.. I just found a great list from Couchsurfing that made me think a bit and I’m pleased to say that I have done a lot in the city. The following list was taken from

1. Lie face down on the glass floor at the CN Tower – Done
2. Sit upstairs at Union Station during rush hour – Done
3. Skate at Nathan Phillips Square – Done and fell on my ass badly!
4. Tour the Steam Whistle Brewery – Have not gone as yet, but on my to do list for sure.
5. Have a hot chocolate at Soma in The Distillery District – Does eating and snacking in the Distillery District count?
6. Do a bike tour of Toronto Island – Does walking as much as I can around the Island ONCE count??
7. Go shopping at Honest Ed’s – Who hasn’t shopped for cutlery here?
8. Walk the boardwalk at The Beach – And played volleyball at the Beaches too 🙂
9. Go to Dundas Square – Done
10. Dine at a famous chef’s place – Had the fries and wine at Jamie Kennedy’s and had dinner at Susur’s 
11. Take a city walking tour – I cycled this city already..walking..I dunno
12. Get out of the downtown core – I was known to even take a bus and TTC
13. Ride the Queen streetcar – Done..but too many weird people for my taste
14. Go shopping in Chinatown – I eat there on a weekly…only for tea cups
15. Have a coffee in Kensington Market – Done
16. Window shop in Yorkville – I shop in Yorkville….*lol*  ONCE!
17. Eat corn on the sidewalk in Little India in the summer …get the fresh samosas outside Nu-Fashion!
18. Take a train ride through High Park – Haven’t done…where is High Park??
19. Walk the entire PATH – Done…over a couple years
20. Check out a local band – Done…but I’m really not a live band person
21. Sample honey at St. Lawrence Market – Done….honey on ham..yum!
22. Tour the CBC building – Done ..who would have thought the building was so big and green
23. Eat Souvlaki on The Danforth – Done..I’m feeling for Montreal Shawarma though!
24. Have dinner in Little Italy – Done
25. Read in the garden at Casa Loma – I don’t read, but I do walk but that hill is a biatch….

What a nice list… I think I have to start adding to this list and I have to compile a Montreal list for sure!!

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