Carnival 2005

{Note : This post was actually written in Pseudo-Trini English … so the grammatical errors aren’t actually grammatical errors … 4th November 2010} 

The complete galleries for Carnival 2005 are here

The whole day on the Road for Carnival in Poison… we played in the section called Alisha

Of course, us getting up early in the morning and thing is something else, since everyone had to get ready… and that was the funniest of course… the pics of getting ready in the morning is here…

Debs, Natasha and Me
Well this is us on the road on Carnival Tuesday– this was early in the morning. Now one thinks that getting costumes and all… is a difficult process –

Well lemme tell you.. to get to this stage isnt really that tough, what is tough is coordinating between a bunch of people across different countries — with this in mind… my Carnival 2006 plan will include all thoughts and e-mails to give people an idea of what planning is required and what you should think about when going to Trinidad to play mas!

Now Trinidad is a funny kinda place…. in that because we have such a big mix of people, we have everyone of all cultures, creeds and races
So for example: here is a our local white people

local whites
and as AliG says.. they look real fit! 🙂

Of course people train all year to look good for Carnival…. not me this year…. too much time spent but check the abs on this thing

Abs of Steel

Now when foreigners come down and see us wining down the place and thing.. and see people going all how… they wonder how can the trinis move like that…

Well check these people on the stage

wining couple

as you can tell, Carnival is woman.. that is a saying back home


Now of course…. who is a Flag Bearer…. well every section have one….I wonder who is was here

flag bearer

Now when I say Carnival is really only about woman.. this is my fave shot…everyone says this is a National Geographic shot

more woman

Now of course you does pick up all kinda people on the road and thing, like who is this girl in pink…?? No clue??


Now sometimes when you on the road and you have to go and you drunk…well you know you just going like my friend here


This is a cacophony of colour, I wish I could just walk around and take pics and thing


I must say though.. i really like blue! Like seriously!!!


purple back here….

ME and Debs in front the section leader


I just love the colour on this pics… i have to blow this pic up


HOw many men do you really see in this picture?


It is early in the morning since everyone’s headpieces are still on